Raised by Wolves – Necromancer 3d Print

I 3d printed and painted about 60 of these minis as cast and crew gifts while working on previs/postvis for the show at RSA. They each have a small but very strong neodymium magnet mounted on their upper backs. If you have HBO Max check out this original Sci-Fi series from Ridley Scott.

It’s for an original HBO Max show by Ridley Scott. Check it out if you have HBO Max!

My job was designing shots (previs) and incorporating principal photography with CG elements (postvis) to feed the VFX houses edits of the show with all the timing, layout, and blocking so they didn’t burn money on effects. Planning basically. This was just a little side thing me and one of the producers put together as a cast and crew wrap gift. Small run, only 60 were 3d printed. They each even have small, but very strong neodymium magnets mounted to their upper backs so you can stick mother on your fridge!

It was a blast to work on that show. Ridley is in his 80’s but he still storyboards his entire shows himself. The man is a beast. I really like that it’s original sci-fi too… always need more of that!

  1. Primed with Black Paint
  2. Brushed entire model with Modern Masters ME208-06 Reactive Metallic Iron.
  3. Applied Modern Masters PA904-04 Rust Activator. This actually rusts the iron!
  4. Dry brushed bronze metallic miniature paint with big DRY brush.
  5. Burnished with the back of a spoon. Yup, a spoon. Makes it shine.
  6. Apologized to wife for using our good spoons for my dumb hobby… 🙁

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