Modern Day Survivor Series 01

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I wanted to share a new line of minis with you all that I’m super excited about.   It’s called Modern Day Survivors Series 01 – a Colossal Miniatures line inspired by classic movies and some contemporary flicks as well.  


The Survivors were made with various light hearted Wahoo table top/rpg campaigns in mind…


Zombie Outbreak? Check. 

Post-Apocalyptic Event? Check. 

Pandemic Toilet Paper Riot? Check. 


Each Survivor is equipped to Get. It. On.


Ken – Pump action, hand-cuffs, head butts. And if that don’t work a size 13 boot up your bum!




Mac – Sombrero, flame-thrower, dynamite. And if that don’t work, did I mention DIE-NO-MIGHT?!

Skylar – Kitana, leather, legs. And if that don’t work she’ll just back flip out of there!

Pamella – Fro, double-barrel, hoops. And if that don’t work she’ll stun fools with her outfit!

Bill – Shotty, brief-case-of-pain, pocket protector. And if that don’t work he’ll really get angry!

Working on these modern-day sculpts has been a real breath of fresh air and a nice break from sculpting fantasy minis. And frankly, it seems like there aren’t that many of these types of minis available as STL files to print.  Once I started doing these I realized that it could turn in to more than just a few minis.  There are SO MANY great characters that have inspired us all throughout our lives as miniature enthusiasts that once I started make a list of them it just KEPT GROWING!


They will trickling up to MMF all this month so keep an eye out for them!


If you want to download a free sample STL from MMF you can here:


FREE sample STL 


This 32mm miniature is pre-supported and ready to print if you would like to see the quality of our minis for yourself.

We painted up a version of ours recently and thought we’d share the results with you.  We used Citadel primer and paints for everything.

First, we lightly primed with Citadel Wraith Bone High Contrast Primer spray. Then we painted the base layers:


Base Paint

Abaddon Black – hair, swords (1st layer), belt

Mephiston Red – boots

Mournifang Brown – Pants

Leadbelcher – swords (2nd layer)


After that dried, we applied the shade tone over the entire figure and let it seep into all the nooks and crannies including the base.  We let that dry for 30 minutes before moving on so it really set:



Riekland Fleshshade – entire figure 


Next up was the layer paints.  Citadel layer paint are thinner than base paints and if you add a touch of water to them you can build up the gradients:


Layer Paint

Evil Sunz sarlet – boots

Wild Rider Red – boots


Deathclaw Brown -skin, pants (final highlight)

Cadian Fleshtone – skin


Screaming Skull – swords (final highlight)


Cadian Fleshtone + with Screaming Skull – skin (final highlight)

Abaddon Black + Screaming Skull – base


We hope these little tips were helpful for you.


Thank you Harry Vellam for helping me out with these blog posts.  I really appreciate your time and patience!




-Paul Dennis Taylor, Colossal Miniatures



Can you guess who these Survivors are and what movie they were inspired by?  Leave a comment below with your guesses!







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